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Piano lessons and Music Theory Educator in Limassol



A Bit About Me

I am Alice Christodoulidou, and I am a graduate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, I've spent over two decades nurturing the musical talents of students from various age groups. My teaching scope extends beyond simple music pedagogy. I specialize in piano instruction, music theory, and foster a loveable, ethical learning environment tailored to each student's unique needs. My goal has always been to offer a comprehensive musical education that encourages discipline, dedication, and a lifelong passion for music. I invite you to join me at Cyprus Music School, where each lesson is designed to help unlock your musical potential and create lifelong memories.

Expertly Crafted Backing Tracks for Violin, Clarinet, and More 

As a seasoned music theory tutor  based in Limassol, Alice assists students of all ages and levels on their musical journeys. We believe music transcends borders, fostering universal connection. Our mission is to unlock each student's musical potential. Alice's services go beyond traditional lessons. She also offers bespoke backing tracks on demand, even catering to public school concerts and classical exams for various instruments including the clarinet and violin. Whether you're rehearsing for a performance, practicing a new piece, or need the perfect accompaniment for an exam or concert, Alice will create a tailored backing track to fit your needs. 

Piano Lessons

The piano, a globally celebrated instrument, holds a cherished place in various music genres - from classical to jazz and pop. Its intrinsic harmony and the instant gratification provided by playing simple chords offer an edge over many other instruments. As a beginner, you'll be pleased to find the progression to competency on the piano to be relatively swift.


With Mrs Alice Christodoulidou, whether your aspiration is to become a professional musician or simply to play for your own enjoyment, she will guide you through this enriching journey of piano learning.


Piano playing isn't just an artistic pursuit - it's a holistic experience with proven scientific benefits. From boosting cognitive abilities and enhancing memory to improving coordination, playing the piano even acts as a stress reliever. This beautiful instrument thus contributes to both your mental and physical health, enhancing your well-being throughout your lifetime.

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